Sustainable Education

Achieving sustainable goals in your personal life is commendable as you reduce your environmental footprint on the earth. Equally important is to spread the word and bring others into the fold. Providing education to others on your successes, failures and challenges is an important part of closing the loop.

Sustainability is a process of continuous improvement as we develop new methods, learn from past mistakes, gain new leadership and enact change. The process of continuous change must also provide opportunity for new generations to gain an understanding of sustainable concepts.

Sustainable education begins at home, as you set the example for your actions. Take the time to explain to children what you are doing and more importantly, why it is important that you are doing it. Have you children take the sustainable actions beyond the home and into their everyday activities.

Is sustainability a curriculum item in your schools? If not, what can you do to enact change to provide this education. Perhaps it would entail recruiting a speaker for the school or even developing and providing your own presentation. Be involved, all of us have an intertwined future. Check with your local school district to see if they have an environmental education policy such as Ventura City has. Ventura Green Schools Program If not, ask why and work towards implementing the change.

In educating others on sustainable practices I have given presentations on water conservation, instructed at and presented solar installation workshops and have given numerous presentations on biodiesel. It is a commitment that one makes, but provides benefits to all involved.

The Sustainable Community webpage has links to local and regional sustainable education resources.

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